You must have seen and even played with Barbie dolls in your childhood or with Heman and the Masters of the Universe dolls. But have you seen dolls that look like real human infants? Yes, there are available (mostly over internet) Visit here, epically created dolls that are a rage among the people these days. These dolls are created painstakingly by artists referred to as reborners. It is hard to pinpoint any difference between these dolls and human infants; such is the quality of craftsmanship. They are so real that anyone can be fooled for some time when shown these silicone babies.


There is a reason why these dolls are called reborn dolls. The artist, called reborner, takes a regular baby doll. He strips it down to have a basic structure in place. He then works his way to create a new baby doll that looks like a real human infant. How an artist uses silicone to come up with a reborn baby is a guarded secret. But whatever this process, there is no doubt about the fact that it is a painstaking process which is reflected in the price tag of these dolls. You have to shell out no less than $100 and more to fetch a silicone baby if you want to have one for the purpose of fun.


You have to look at a reborn silicone baby to believe your eyes. Right from the facial features to the dimples in the cheeks and the veins that are so visible in the case of a real human infant, every single detail is worked out by the artists to perfection. You get an orangish skin tone if you go for a mass produced reborn baby doll. However, you can use acetone to get rid of this orangish skin tone and get a milder skin tone that looks much more real.