MonthOctober 2017

Keyword Rank Tracker: Know where you are lagging 

Are you not satisfied with the amount of traffic that your website is receiving? Do you want more organic traffic so that you can increase your sales and profits? If yes, then you have to look and monitor the performance of the keywords you are using in your content. This is because barring visitors from social media; it is only through search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing that your customers find your website on the web. And what helps them in finding your website? It is the keywords or phrases they type in their browsers that take them to your website. The powerful tool that helps you analyze the performance of keywords that you have chosen for your website is called keyword rank tracker.


A keyword rank tracker does just what it promises. It tracks down popularity or ranking of different keywords for you so you can choose the best of the keywords on your website. It makes choosing of right and most powerful keywords very easy for anyone whether he is the owner of a website or a SEO expert. You can compare the performance of different keywords over a period of time also to know when to select some keywords and when to remove them and replace with more popular keywords.


If you use a keyword rank tracker frequently, you will be able to monitor the performance of important keywords included in the content of your website. You will know if they are bringing new visitors to the website or not. If they are found to be nonperforming, you know it is time to remove or replace them with more popular keywords your target group of customers are using. Your competitor is snatching these customers away because he is using more popular keywords. So start using a keyword rank tracker today.

Elo Boost OCE – Increase Your Rank

Online games are usually considered kid games and often not taken seriously by the adults. However, this is not the case now, games like league of legends has taken online games to a new level and now young to old, everyone can enjoy playing them. Elo boost OCE is a term, which seems unfamiliar but an online player can really understand it.

Elo rating system is a universal rating system, which is used to rank the skill level of players on board games like chess. But now, with the changing time, it seems applicable to the online games as well. In online games, it is considered that players of similar skill level should play together. It will let them enjoy the game and they will be able to improve their skills too. This system is also used to predict the result of a particular match. So, Elo boost OCE is the way which can help you to improve your rankings.

OCE is the server used by league of legends and that is the reason, you should ask for the Elo boost OCE if you are player of this particular game. You can ask for the services of an online company, who can boost your Elo ranking. A reputed company use the relevant server, so that you didn’t get caught. It is something really helpful. You can get good ranks, but that is very time taking job. If you ask someone for the Elo boost OCE, you can improve your rank within no time. It’s simply fun to explore the new levels of the game and play with the masters of the game. You will get more experience by playing with the seasoned players.

So, don’t waste your time, ask for the Elo Boost OCE and enjoy the game to its fullest.